profile photoHi, I’m Briony Turner, an ESRC funded PhD student at King’s College London, researching the institutional factors that help and hinder the scaling up of effective climate change adaptive retrofit within England’s social housing sector.  I use this blog to share information I’ve found via the research and to disseminate findings.  You can see a brief interview about the research context here.

Climate change adaptation and mitigation have become fundamental policy considerations across the world.   If the UK is to remain on track to meet the 2050 carbon emissions reduction obligation (climate change mitigation), it is anticipated that household emissions will need to be cut by a third, on 2008 levels, by 2020.  At the same time our stock needs to be adapted so that it is habitable within future climate projections.  This presents a substantial national challenge that requires measures to address 22.3million existing homes, 23% of which are in the social housing sector.  This inevitably requires change within the built environment industry, within existing institutions, supporting infrastructures and networks and current professional practice.

Follow me on Academia.edu and Linked In, find me at King’s College London and check out my occasional blog posts on Geography Directions.

Interested in how buildings impact upon health and wellbeing?  Check out the Feeling Good Foundation -I’ve been helping to set it up and am responsible for coordination of the Work Groups.


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